Tri County Golf Ranch

Hole 1

175 yards

A tough starting hole, especially when you haven’t warmed up. Add at least one club for the elevation and possibly more for the prevailing wind is into you. Any shot hit towards the right side of the green will get a favorable bounce towards a middle pin placement. The bunker to the left side of the green will catch your ball if not careful. This green sits back to front, making a chip shot from the behind the green easy.

Hole 2

162 yards (shares a tee box with Hole 8)

What goes up must come down. You can subtract a half to a full club on this one, but don’t forget to account for the wind. The green is protected by grass bunkers on each side, making a shot at the center of the green favorable. The ridge in the middle of the green will make for a difficulty birdie putt unless you are throwing darts at the flag.

Hole 3

145 yards

Looks harmless, but the wind will gust on this level hole. Take more club if the pin is in the back. The green is protected by grass bunker on both sides.

Hole 4

141 yards

Welcome to our version of “Amen Corner”. Hole 4 is protected by water on the left and back sides of the green. Wind can be a factor. This green also has a ridge running up the middle which divides it into two tiers, making for a difficult birdie putt. You may spot our Kingfisher doing a little fishing in the pond.

Hole 5

149 yards

Protected by water in front and both sides of the green, this hole can be relentless. Check the wind and make sure you can carry the golf ball to the front of the green. The peninsula to the right looks friendly but doesn’t hold a line drive very well. A shot to the middle of the green will leave you no more than a 30 foot putt.

Hole 6

156 yards

The last of the corner holes, but it’s not time to relax yet. This green is protected by water in front and to the right. A shot to the front of the green will leave you a long putt to a back pin placement. Expect an awkward downhill lie if you miss the green just a little left or long.

Hole 7

168 yards

Only 50 yards to clear the pond in front of you, however, you must add club for the elevation and most likely the wind tunnel coming from behind the 3-tiered green. A bunker protects the front of the green, so be sure to carry the ball all of the way to the green. Par is a great score here.

Hole 8

132 yards

Don’t take this hole for granted as most golfers end up in the bunker short of the green. Add yardage for the elevation and check the wind again. This relatively flat green will allow for many birdies.

Hole 9

174 yards

You are almost home, but this is a tough finishing hole. Check the wind before you subtract yardage for the downhill. When the golf course is firm, a shot to the front left side of the green will take a big bounce to the back right. The right side of the green is protected by a bunker. A long shot will end up on the practice green below.